Wittlesea Leader Newspaper – Jan 08

Antonia Verzaci is all revved up and has many places to go now that she has obtained her Driver’s Licence. Getting a licence is a real achievement, especially when your disability prevents you from driving anything but a specially modified car. Antonia, however did not let her disability prevent her from achieving her goal. After passing her Learner’s Licence in July 2006 she contacted Peter from Northern Driving School who has a modified car and was able to teach Antonia to drive. She began weekly lessons in September 2006 and made quick progress. However, she was frustrated by the fact that she could only drive Peter’s car as her parents did not want her to purchase a modified vehicle until she obtained her licence. Nevertheless she continued with her lessons and obtained her Probationary Licence on her first attempt in June 2007. Antonia said that she was quite nervous on the day of the test but felt that she would do well as she was well-prepared. She was assessed by an Occupational Therapist who was appointed by Vic Roads… Antonia says that gaining her licence had made her much more independent and will open up new career opportunities for her.”