What our students have to say about us.

My case is probably rather unusual as I finally decided to get my license at the age of 36. I hadn’t been behind the wheel since I was 17 and had no opportunities to drive other than while I was under instruction which means I was totally dependent on Peter and my weekly lessons. Since I am working full time and often long hours it was very important for me to be able to have my lessons in the evenings and on weekends and Peter was able to accommodate me. I decided to challenge myself by going for a manual license and struggled quite a bit during the first few lessons but with Peter’s patience I got through it and when I went for my test I passed on the first go as I felt well prepared. In fact, I think Peter was more demanding than my examiner which really helped.

The biggest endorsement I can give however is that the week after passing my test I bought a car and I immediately felt confident driving by myself which was somewhat of a surprise to me. Passing your test is one thing, being a confident and safe driver is what really counts and I really appreciate what Peter did for me – I hope he can do the same for you. Feel free to ask Peter for my contact details if you want an independent opinion, I’m willing to answer any questions you might have!

Erik Danielsen

To whom it may concern,
my name is Ripan and i have been taking driving lessons by your company’s employee Gary for a couple of months and would just like to share my experience with Gary.

I can start of by commending the man’s patience and keeping calm in the worst of situations. his communication has always been clear and has motivated me to perform better each time i held the wheel. even under regular and silly mistakes done by me, he has never lost his cool and has always given me hope, pumping up to perform better. his delivery of task performing strategies, one at a time, has been of great help in learning accurately as we proceeded. i can see that he teaches someone not only to get a licence but to be safe and accurate on the road in the future. much to my amazement i did pass the test in the first go and i give all the credit to Gary.
All in all i would say that i could not have got a better instructor than Gary and would reccomend him to whoever in need as i believe he can teach anyone to become a good driver.

thank you very much for your time.
warm regards,

Having Billy as my driving instructor over the past year has not only boosted my confidence but gave me a greater understanding of being a safe driver. He understood what I needed to achieve from my lessons and guided me to the point where I felt confident whatever questions I had he always had the answer, with a smile on his face.

It was always a pleasure to go driving with Billy, I will recommend him to my little brother turning sixteen this year 🙂
Bree Gibbs.

My name is Samantha Bird, and I have just passed my driving test after having Billy’s excellent guidance as a driving instructor. Billy helped me to vastly improve my driving skills until I was able to pass my test without any critical errors. His calm and understanding nature allowed him to teach me in a manner that made me feel accepted as a learner driver, and any mistakes I made were always treated diplomatically. He was always patient, and gave me extensive advice on aspects of car control and road awareness. Billy taught me how to parallel park, and gave me confidence with my driving. He has taught me skills that will remain with me for life. I can’t thank Billy enough for the driving education he has given me, and the support he gave me whilst I was learning.


I would like to thank Billy on helping me achieve my manual license.
He was extremely helpful throughout my course of learning how to drive, he taught me everything I needed to know to achieve 100%, Even common courtesy around the roads to stay safe, Billy is Patient, really friendly and is always on time!

I would of not achieved 98% on my driving test (P’s) if it wasn’t for Billy.
Highly recommended by me.

From Ryan

HI had Billy as my driving instructor before I went for my Ps. He was always so positive and very informative I very much enjoyed each lesson. He was very supportive throughout my test and I am so glad that he prepared me so well for the test. I have already referred Billy to one of my friends and will definitely refer him to many more of my friends. Thank you.

Ashlee Davis J

Having Gary from Northern Driving School made learning to drive so easy and enjoyable. He was so incredibly friendly, calm, patient and nurturing throughout each of my lessons and especially in preparation for my drive test. He was always there to offer encouraging words and share his knowledge and wisdom. He went above and beyond to assist me in every way he could as well as spending time outside of lessons to explain and help assist me to further my skills.

I passed my drive test with 100% which I could never have done without the amazing guidance and confidence Gary gave me. He not only taught me to drive safely but also empowered me and gave me the knowledge to be able to drive confidently on my own. I cannot thank him enough nor recommend him more highly. He is far too modest and this testimonial still does not give me the credit he deserves. He is not only a great driving instructor but a great man.

Kaitlin Constable.

“It has been my good fortune to have met Peter Imbriano approximately 15 months ago after he was referred to us a suitable driving instructor from some very good friends of ours who had also employed Peter to teach one of their children

Over the 15 months that Peter has taught my daughter to drive, I have found him to be nothing other than a perfect gentlemen who has conducted himself in an absolute professional manner at all times.

I would have no hesitation in recommending peter for any position that he feels he may wish to pursue”

Paul Edgar

“As a short statured person I came to driving later in my life, having to wait until I could buy a new car and get it modified. I got some valuable advice through Frank’s Engineering about the best type of car to modify and also instructors in the area who would be able to teach me. I was delighted to find Peter Imbriano, he was able give me the lowdown on what process I would have to go through to get my license as I hadn’t got clear information from other sources.

As an older driver at 32, I came into it a bit nervous, as this was a completely new experience for me, never having driven a car at all. Peter was always the voice of reason and calm, taking it step by step…made it all very easy and gave me the confidence to see this as something that I would completely be able to do.

I passed my driving test recently, which felt amazing, having been a goal of mine for the last 14 years since turning 18. This will give me my last piece of independence and freedom, which will make a huge impact on my life…no more relying on Melbourne’s public transport system!

I’d recommend Peter to anyone who might be a little nervous about driving, or has a modified car, or anyone really. He is a highly professional and skilled instructor.”

Thanks again Peter, for my license!!

Emma J Hawkins

“Antonia Verzaci is all revved up and has many places to go now that she has obtained her Driver’s Licence. Getting a licence is a real achievement, especially when your disability prevents you from driving anything but a specially modified car. Antonia, however did not let her disability prevent her from achieving her goal. After passing her Learner’s Licence in July 2006 she contacted Peter from Northern Driving School who has a modified car and was able to teach Antonia to drive. She began weekly lessons in September 2006 and made quick progress. However, she was frustrated by the fact that she could only drive Peter’s car as her parents did not want her to purchase a modified vehicle until she obtained her licence. Nevertheless she continued with her lessons and obtained her Probationary Licence on her first attempt in June 2007. Antonia said that she was quite nervous on the day of the test but felt that she would do well as she was well-prepared. She was assessed by an Occupational Therapist who was appointed by Vic Roads… Antonia says that gaining her licence had made her much more independent and will open up new career opportunities for her.”

Wittlesea Leader Newspaper- Jan 08


Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!
You were such an important part of returning my mobility. As you quickly sensed, I was very nervous having not driven a car for some time and I feared my physical capacity to safely control a car.
You quickly allayed my fears and built my confidence by slowly increasing the challenges you
set, as you correctly assessed my growing confidence. Your supportive and constructive comments put me at ease and played a critical role in my success.

Finally, a special thanks for your willingness to use my car with special adaptations, without which none of this would have been possible.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing special assistance driving lessons.

Ray Adams

“My name is Kirrily Dennis and in the past 5 weeks I have had approximately 5 manual car driving lessons under the instruction of Peter… I am writing to commend Peter as I believe his instruction is a reflection of the standards of the school as a whole
The school implemented a Quality Standard System which, to my understanding, including extensive training and re-training of instructors;
Individual lessons were of a reasonable price;
Honestly – it was made clear to me that if I was not happy with the school as a whole, or just the instructor, I should feel no obligation to continue the lessons;
Friendliness of the receptionist I originally spoke to;
I found Peter to be a professional yet friendly instructor who was patient, calm and understanding of my learning process. Peter was positive and encouraging through his emphasis on mu current challenges in driving rather than dwelling on my past mistakes. His approach to this process was honest as he reminded me that only I could apply he skills I was learning, that is, he would express a belief in my ability to do something but emphasised that it was still up to me to actually do it. Finally, Peter’s ability to provide reasons behind the particular skills he was teaching me was helpful in my own understanding and subsequent learning of the skills.

Thank you for your services and all the best for the future!”

Kirrily Dennis

Just to say how very much pleased I am to have had Billy to teach my son to pass his driving test. He had the added difficulty of erasing from my sons head the bad habits he had learned from me, so Billy is tops in our house!

David Goodhand

Hello I am Jesse Versteegen and today I successfully completed my drive test with your instructor Billy, and I am just writing to give you some feedback.

I had five lessons with Billy prior to the test and I found him to be very professional, helpful and easy to get along with and I’m sure that without my lessons I could not have passed.

Billy helped me to improve my driving and always treated me with respect, I have recommended him to my friends who are about to go for their licences.

Overall I think that Billy is a great instructor and I thank you for getting me in touch with him.


Jesse Versteegen

My names Shani and I had Billy as my instructor. He is such an awesome instructor! I had very low confidence driving and needed to work on my parking and Billy was great with that. I have recommended the northern driving school to all my friends and thank Billy for getting me through my driving test and passing! 🙂

Hi! My name is Lauren. I have now had my licence for 1 year! And want to say a massive Thank you to Gary! He was so patient and so caring! He knew what I needed help on the most! Focused on those and then continued to teaching me more things! He was a huge help and I got my license first go! I always see him now on the roads and it feels weired to not be in that car! And to actually be driving alone! He knew when. I was ready to sit the test! And have me heaps of practise before hand! To double check if I was confident enough! Thankyou so much to northern driving school and Gary for all your help! Would recommend to anyone! 😉

My name is Felicia and I have successfully passed my driving test at my first attempt this morning. I am very happy and especially grateful to my instructor Gary who has put so much effort in ensuring that I have all it takes to pass this driving test. He has been very patient with me and gave me valuable and essential tips which I need to know while driving on the road throughout all my driving lessons with him.

By nature, I get panic easily on the road and constantly makes silly mistakes while driving on the road.However, when I left my previous instructor and switched over to Gary, he patiently thought me how to calm down and drive safely on the road by giving me constructive advice all the time and this has given me the confidence I need to pass my driving test this morning. Gary is also a dedicated person who is always punctual in all my driving lessons with him and one occasion which I will always remember is that he actually gave me driving lessons per my request on the 2nd day of Diwali! I believe that not all instructors are willing to do that as he was suppose to celebrate this special day with his family.

With these, I would have given Gary the best Driving Instructor Award if there’s any. Please do pass my BIG thank you to Gary. If given the chance,I will definitely recommend Gary to all those out there who is planning to obtain their driving licence.

We just wanted to let you know how please we were with Billy as our sons driving instructor.

Billy was polite and reliable and our son really enjoyed his lessons each week.

Our son completed his 120 hours and passed his test first go with confidence and an A1 result not event one point deduction !

I would recommend Billy to anyone needing an instructor – he was terrific.

Yvonne Morrice