To whom it may concern,

hi, my name is Ripan and i have been taking driving lessons by your company’s employee Gary for a couple of months and would just like to share my experience with Gary.

I can start of by commending the man’s patience and keeping calm in the worst of situations. his communication has always been clear and has motivated me to perform better each time i held the wheel. even under regular and silly mistakes done by me, he has never lost his cool and has always given me hope, pumping up to perform better. his delivery of task performing strategies, one at a time, has been of great help in learning accurately as we proceeded. i can see that he teaches someone not only to get a licence but to be safe and accurate on the road in the future. much to my amazement i did pass the test in the first go and i give all the credit to Gary.

All in all i would say that i could not have got a better instructor than Gary and would reccomend him to whoever in need as i believe he can teach anyone to become a good driver.

thank you very much for your time.