Looking to get back on the road?

Driving a car is a complex task that requires good observations, decisions, and reactions. Vic Roads will ask drivers to have their driving abilities assessed if there is concerns about their medical condition or disability.

Peter has been working closely with Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors for over 15 years. Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors work with clients with a medical condition or disability that may impact on driving abilities and safety. We work closely with the driving instructors to ensure that clients receive a comprehensive assessment and where needed series of lessons within a rehabilitation program to enable them to continue, or return to, driving safely and independently.

Peter is very experienced in providing lessons for:

  • People learning to driving with modifications
  • Teaching driving techniques to compensate for disability impairments
  • Desensitization programs for people with anxiety or phobias
  • Preparing Older/Senior drivers for Vic Roads Medical Review driver assessments and Occupational Therapy Driver assessments

Peter has an excellent range of driving modifications to enable people with disabilities to learn to drive following accidents, injuries or other disabilities. These include:

  • Left foot accelerator for people with impairments with their right leg
  • Hand control options- including satellite accelerator, combined electronic accelerator and brake, push pat hand controls
  • Spinner knob options for one handed driving
  • Specialised mirrors for neck and back issues

Peter has extensive experience working with clients with a range of disabilities including spinal cord injuries, strokes, other neurological disorders, amputations, orthopedic injuries and mental health issues.

Due to his success Peter has been able to expand his business and has a specialised selected team of instructors skilled in this field.

Janene Strahan
Occupational Therapist & Driver Assessor
PO Box 175 Coburg 3058
T: 0425 717 193
F: 9354 6346


learner with special needs

Peter, Today I have my full drivers license but my journey began 7 years ago with a brain injury. I said to myself I think I’m ready to drive again, so after having about 10 or so driving lessons to relearn my safety on the road. With great assistance from my driving instructor Peter. Who in my mind would have to be the most logical person to re train my brain to the safety procedures on our road. All my family and friends didn’t think I was ready. So today it feels so great having my drivers license in my wallet! Brent


learner driver who is unable to walk

We here at Northern Driving School provide a specialised service for people looking to get back on the road following injury or illness. Peter, our founding partner, has over 15 years of experience in driving tuition and specialises in occupational therapy services. With specially modified vehicles, the service aims to have you driving confidently with safety and independence.


At Northern Driving School, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive Driver Rehabilitation Program
  • An Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment
  • Professional and friendly tuition


girl taking driving lessonslearner-driver with disability