My name is Felicia and I have successfully passed my driving test at my first attempt this morning. I am very happy and especially grateful to my instructor Gary who has put so much effort in ensuring that I have all it takes to pass this driving test. He has been very patient with me and gave me valuable and essential tips which I need to know while driving on the road throughout all my driving lessons with him.

By nature, I get panic easily on the road and constantly makes silly mistakes while driving on the road.However, when I left my previous instructor and switched over to Gary, he patiently thought me how to calm down and drive safely on the road by giving me constructive advice all the time and this has given me the confidence I need to pass my driving test this morning. Gary is also a dedicated person who is always punctual in all my driving lessons with him and one occasion which I will always remember is that he actually gave me driving lessons per my request on the 2nd day of Diwali! I believe that not all instructors are willing to do that as he was suppose to celebrate this special day with his family.