Emma’s Story

Emma’s Story

girl taking driving lessons“As a short statured person I came to driving later in my life, having to wait until I could buy a new car and get it modified. I got some valuable advice through Frank’s Engineering about the best type of car to modify and also instructors in the area who would be able to teach me. I was delighted to find Peter Imbriano, he was able give me the lowdown on what process I would have to go through to get my license as I hadn’t got clear information from other sources.

As an older driver at 32, I came into it a bit nervous, as this was a completely new experience for me, never having driven a car at all. Peter was always the voice of reason and calm, taking it step by step…made it all very easy and gave me the confidence to see this as something that I would completely be able to do.

I passed my driving test recently, which felt amazing, having been a goal of mine for the last 14 years since turning 18. This will give me my last piece of independence and freedom, which will make a huge impact on my life…no more relying on Melbourne’s public transport system!

I’d recommend Peter to anyone who might be a little nervous about driving, or has a modified car, or anyone really. He is a highly professional and skilled instructor.”

Thanks again Peter, for my license!!

Emma J Hawkins