Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for a really positive experience that Alex has had with your driving school and also the expert tuition from Tan. It has been a long journey but with a great outcome for all involved. Now comes the expensive part…buying Alex a car!!

All the best for your future ventures.

Oliver Marras

Just passed his Ps and called to give positive feedback about his instructor, Ricky. He’s astonished at how quickly he went from knowing nothing to being confident and passing his Ps. Thanks! .

Cindy Capezzuto

Emerald’s mother, called to tell us how impressed she was with NDS, from the first enquiry phone call to her daughter passing her driver’s test just recently. She came to us from RACV very upset with their service, but Emerald is a confident, licenced driver now, thanks to NDS. She said she will be recommending NDS to everyone. Congratulations!

Frank Durango

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to describe my experience taking driving lessons over 3 days for the past 3 weeks with Gary.

I was very pleased with all the knowledge re-driving safely and correctly that he provided. He took extra care and time to explain and correcting any error.

He was very responsive clarifying concepts and on the road rules. He has high standards of customer service and I always felt looked after.

Last 13/07/2015, I was granted my full license and I am sure this is due to Gary’s excellent service.

Erik Danielsen

The biggest endorsement I can give however is that the week after passing my test I bought a car and I immediately felt confident driving by myself which was somewhat of a surprise to me. Passing your test is one thing, being a confident and safe driver is what really counts and I really appreciate what Peter did for me – I hope he can do the same for you. Feel free to ask Peter for my contact details if you want an independent opinion, I’m willing to answer any questions you might have!


To whom it may concern,

hi, my name is Ripan and i have been taking driving lessons by your company’s employee Gary for a couple of months and would just like to share my experience with Gary.

I can start of by commending the man’s patience and keeping calm in the worst of situations. his communication has always been clear and has motivated me to perform better each time i held the wheel. even under regular and silly mistakes done by me, he has never lost his cool and has always given me hope, pumping up to perform better. his delivery of task performing strategies, one at a time, has been of great help in learning accurately as we proceeded. i can see that he teaches someone not only to get a licence but to be safe and accurate on the road in the future. much to my amazement i did pass the test in the first go and i give all the credit to Gary.

All in all i would say that i could not have got a better instructor than Gary and would reccomend him to whoever in need as i believe he can teach anyone to become a good driver.

thank you very much for your time.

Samantha Bird

My name is Samantha Bird, and I have just passed my driving test after having Billy’s excellent guidance as a driving instructor. Billy helped me to vastly improve my driving skills until I was able to pass my test without any critical errors. His calm and understanding nature allowed him to teach me in a manner that made me feel accepted as a learner driver, and any mistakes I made were always treated diplomatically. He was always patient, and gave me extensive advice on aspects of car control and road awareness. Billy taught me how to parallel park, and gave me confidence with my driving. He has taught me skills that will remain with me for life. I can’t thank Billy enough for the driving education he has given me, and the support he gave me whilst I was learning.


Having Gary from Northern Driving School made learning to drive so easy and enjoyable. He was so incredibly friendly, calm, patient and nurturing throughout each of my lessons and especially in preparation for my drive test. He was always there to offer encouraging words and share his knowledge and wisdom. He went above and beyond to assist me in every way he could as well as spending time outside of lessons to explain and help assist me to further my skills.

I passed my drive test with 100% which I could never have done without the amazing guidance and confidence Gary gave me. He not only taught me to drive safely but also empowered me and gave me the knowledge to be able to drive confidently on my own. I cannot thank him enough nor recommend him more highly. He is far too modest and this testimonial still does not give me the credit he deserves. He is not only a great driving instructor but a great man.

Paul Edgar

It has been my good fortune to have met Peter Imbriano approximately 15 months ago after he was referred to us a suitable driving instructor from some very good friends of ours who had also employed Peter to teach one of their children<

Over the 15 months that Peter has taught my daughter to drive, I have found him to be nothing other than a perfect gentlemen who has conducted himself in an absolute professional manner at all times.

I would have no hesitation in recommending peter for any position that he feels he may wish to pursue

Emma J Hawkins

As a short statured person I came to driving later in my life, having to wait until I could buy a new car and get it modified. I got some valuable advice through Frank’s Engineering about the best type of car to modify and also instructors in the area who would be able to teach me. I was delighted to find Peter Imbriano, he was able give me the lowdown on what process I would have to go through to get my license as I hadn’t got clear information from other sources.

As an older driver at 32, I came into it a bit nervous, as this was a completely new experience for me, never having driven a car at all. Peter was always the voice of reason and calm, taking it step by step…made it all very easy and gave me the confidence to see this as something that I would completely be able to do.

I passed my driving test recently, which felt amazing, having been a goal of mine for the last 14 years since turning 18. This will give me my last piece of independence and freedom, which will make a huge impact on my life…no more relying on Melbourne’s public transport system!

I’d recommend Peter to anyone who might be a little nervous about driving, or has a modified car, or anyone really. He is a highly professional and skilled instructor.”<

Thanks again Peter, for my license!!